Monday –Thursday, 6- 7 PM
Warren High School
8141 De Palma St, Downey, CA 90241

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Group Personal Training Class


• Movement Prep/Technique Work
• Full Body Strength Training
• Injury Prevention
• Footwork/Balance/Coordination
• Conditioning
• Cool Down


Our program is designed to help you become more efficient in the activities you participate in, while helping you obtain the body you desire.

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Our Philosophy is simple: We focus on training movements, not muscles. Our goal is to provide our clients a personal training experience while in a group setting. You will be cycled monthly through different phases of training in order to maximize results and consistently progress. Our program is built to help you increase lean muscle mass and lower your body fat percentage. Nothing we do is sporadic or random. We have a plan that is laid out months in advance in order to give you the highest quality of training.

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Sweat Evolution
8141 De Palma St, Downey, CA 90241